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50$ Free Poker Money has been giving out free poker bankrolls at Titan Poker for over 3 years now. This room is currently the only one where they provide these no deposit bonuses. limit the number of bankrolls given out to 200 per day. If the limit has been reached simply return to the site the following day a bit earlier and it should be ok.

When you get to the PokerNetOnline site, click on the ‘Register’ tab in the top menu. This will take you to a page which lists the terms and conditions attached to the free offer. You will need to click on the ‘I Agree’ button at the end of this page in order to proceed with the bankroll claim.



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50$ free bankroll

Read the Quiz page while passing the quiz test!! You have 5 attempt to pass the quiz, create your new poker platform account AND link this account to Pokerstrategy. That means 5 hours max!! After that your account will be deleted.

PokerStrategy is a very large European free poker bankroll and poker school site. has been online giving out free poker bankrolls and educating online poker players since 2005 and has grown into what is now one of the largest online poker communities.

As is a poker school’ type of site, you will need to take a poker quiz before you are given any free money. One very important point to bear in mind in relation to the pokerstrategy site is the fact that, although they offer the free bankroll promotion at four different online poker rooms, you will only be allowed to claim one free bankroll. This means that you should choose carefully when you decide which room to take the bankroll at, as it is the only bankroll that you will be given here.


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