Pokerstrategy Quiz

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The Pokerstrategy quiz is not hard however you need to understand basic concept of the SSS (short stake strategy): So chose cash game even if you are a sit n go player, this way you will find easily answers here.

What should you do?

01First, register at Pokerstrategy.

02Then go to the "strategy section" immediatly after registering as a member of You MUST read the "basic article" section before being able to pass succesfully the quiz, unless you already have the knowledge to do it by yourself.

03Here goes a resume of the most important notion of the basic articles that you can find here. It's always better to rely on the original content available on the PokerStrategy site but the few statements following may give you some hints about the quiz.

  • You need 30 Buy in of a limit to play at this blind level.
  • You always sit with 20BB, leave the table with 25BB and rebuy when under 15BB.
  • You never play a starting hand (hole cards) that is not shown in the Starting-Hand-Chart
  • You never call or limp, move is fold or raise (again, see starting hand chart below)
  • You never raise 1.20$ if your stack is 2$. A raise that represent over 50% of your stack will be all in.
  • Standart raise are 3BB
  • In SSS you go all in on flop with any flush draw, open ended str8 draw (OESD) or top pair.
  • You need 7 players at least to be able to sit at a table