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Oct 03

Videos settings being tested

Posted by: trinita

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Since I am in charge of everything, this includes uploading latest videos.

Apart from this weird episode with 2M2MM that took over the rest for the last 2 months (lol indeed) , I thought time came to put serious stuff on here. Quality stuff, unlike this show.

For example, the season 6 of Poker After Dark is a big success in the general opinion: the line up is probably one of the best ever in a cash game poker tv show. 

This is cool since probably  GSN will have this in mind when producing their season 6 and they now know they have  serious concurrence. I personally hope Sammy Fahra will be back, that show isn't the same without him.

So , back to this idea about starting the real video stuff, I decided it was more than time to increase the speed of the development of this site.

But since the beginning there was always problem after problems, for pretty much everything. Video gallery was no exception, as it's always a very delicate software and not very easy to use standart settings for a customized server. 

Right now: we got very good remote streaming working. Rick made a great job updating his remote plugin for Jomtube.  
I just hire some guy from the ffmpeg google code summer team to set up h264 video conversion properly. Well right now this is a big hope for me. If this really works one day, this site won't be the same, trust me. Having high quality h264/AAC encoding WORKING is a must for any videos site.  If you think about pokertube and its crappy 10min videos quality, you understand why I m saying that this site would get loads of poker fan willing to watch the good show.

But currently, it seems that biggest files won't convert. Tests on rather small movies files are being quite successful  in my opinion.  I can't give up anyway, I feel I m just so close to achieve that idea that grew up after the season 5 of HSP:  building a nice poker video site. 

The new server is behaving fine, it gives a very nice connectivity and unlimited traffic. Some people made downloads yesterday at almost 3mb/s . They were capping their home connection obviously ;) at the yesterday activity pic, this was sending almost 50mb/s to customers. 

S o yes, this switch was really a good move from me. Let's hope the final details, so important, will be done as soon as possible.