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Everest Poker is a truly multilingual poker room that has established a solid player base with plenty of growth potential. The software comes in all major languages, among them French, Japanese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Spanish. In total, 16 languages are supported. The software itself is high quality, runs smoothly and is popular among players. Currently the only games available are Texas Hold'em and Omaha, but plans are in the works to add Seven-Card Stud - something that would cement Everest Poker’s reputation and standing in the online poker market.
Everest is actually one of the few sites that has profited from U.S. online gaming restrictions - given its international focus - and seems to attract new players from all corners of the globe every minute. The recent addition of high-stakes play has also attracted a new audience playing the $50 blind Hold’em games.

Real-money player statistics as of January 2009 show 7,000 ring-game players at peak hours and 16,000 tournament players at peak hours.

Overall, Everest Poker offers good software and amazing action for Hold’em players in particular. The mix of players is unique in that many of the loosest and craziest are at the medium and high limits, making Everest Poker extremely profitable for skilled players.