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FLIP4ROLLZ Full Tilt Poker Launches Adrenaline Rush Poker, Casino Games on the Way

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Full Tilt Poker is determined to get your rake as quickly as possible. In an update released Wednesday, PokerStars’ little brother introduced a new variation on its popular Rush Poker fast-fold poker game, dubbed “Adrenaline Rush Poker.”

Adrenaline Rush is for those people who don’t have the time to wait through the flop, turn, and river, who just want to make one decision and run with it. It seems like something that would be perfect for someone who has had a few too many.

Like standard Rush Poker, players are whisked away to another table as soon as they fold their hand. But that is where the similarities stop. In Adrenaline Rush, tables are no larger than four-handed. Actions are limited to raise or fold. There are no decisions to be made post-flop.

Sound weird enough for you? Yup.

To add a little more detail, Adrenaline Rush Poker games are currently No-Limit Hold’em Cap games. Everything starts as normal, and again, if you fold, you are sent to another table to immediately begin another hand. But if you decide your hole cards are worth playing, the only thing you can do when the action gets to you pre-flop is raise. You cannot call. Well, you can call, but only if betting has reached the cap or if calling puts you all-in.

Thus because there is no calling allowed while the betting is under the cap, there areno more betting rounds past the pre-flop round. Anyone who stays in the hand is either considered all-in because of the cap or is actually all-in. Once the pre-flop betting ends, that’s it – all the community cards are dealt. It’s pretty ridiculous when you actually play; it’s a true gambler’s poker game. It’s made even crazier by the four-handed tables, since you’ll get blinded off if you try to wait for a premium hand.

As if that’s not a good enough way for Full Tilt to get ALL THE MONEY RIGHT NOW, it has also begun rolling out casino games such as blackjack and roulette in some markets. The games are only being offered for play money during the testing period, but once that testing period is done, real money games will be available in those markets and new test markets.

This is the first time Rational Group, the parent company of Full Tilt, has added non-poker games to its roster. It has no plans on launching casino games on PokerStars.